Sniffing Into Spring: Our Top 8 Spring Candles

Oh, the world’s sweetness awakening from a cold and dormant winter! Spring is only a few short months away; now is the time to consider freshening your home.  Let’s Go Through Our Top Spring Candles What could be better than spring-scented candles? Join us on a fragrant journey of our top eight scents in our spring candle collection.  1. Lemon…

Characteristics of Soy Candles

Have you ever wondered about some of the differences between a petroleum wax/non-soy candle, and a soy candle? We are going to give you some of the characteristics of soy candles so you can spot the differences. The differences not only lie in the safety and cleanliness of the product. After all, 100% natural soy wax burns cleaner. It is…

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