Characteristics of Soy Candles

Characteristics of Soy Candles

Characteristics of Soy Candles

Have you ever wondered about some of the differences between a petroleum wax/non-soy candle, and a soy candle? We are going to give you some of the characteristics of soy candles so you can spot the differences.

The differences not only lie in the safety and cleanliness of the product. After all, 100% natural soy wax burns cleaner. It is also greener/environmentally friendly, & more sustainable. Therefore, your home remains a clean-breathing sanctuary when you burn soy candles. 

The characteristics below indicate those of pure soy candles and will not affect the performance or the quality of the candle.

  • Wax candles have a natural frosting effect that permeates the candle, therefore you may find the effect will appear on top or the sides of the candle
  • As soy wax expands when hot and contracts when cool, you may notice some issues with adhesion to the side of the jar. This is most evident in clear jars.
  • Soy has a natural, off-white creamy appearance, but over time may take on the color of the fragrance oil in which it was mixed.
  • Over time and with variations in room temperature, the top of the candle can look bumpy, rough, or dry. These spots are called the “bloom” and occur when soy returns to its natural self.
  • Sometimes you will see bubbles on the tops. This is due to air caught in the wax, but will not affect the performance.
  • You may see the appearance of “sweating” on the top of the candle. This is because the temperature outside of the candle exceeds 85-90 degrees. The fragrance oils may rise to the top. The candle should return to normal when the temperature lowers or you can dab a paper towel to remove the beading. 

When shopping for a candle to enjoy in your home, consider one that will not harm your health or the health of those who enter your home. Shop handmade 100% natural soy candles from Southern Oak Artisan.


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