Atticus the Atelier Pup’s Guide to Pet Safe Candles

Atticus here, the Atelier Pup at Southern Oak Artisan, wagging my tail with excitement to chat about something near and dear to my heart – pet safe candles. Might I add, if you love candles as much as we do in my house, then you may be looking for pet safe candles. Looking into this already makes you a candidate…

Odor Eliminating Candles: How They Work + Why They’re Essential

If you are looking for odor eliminating candles that are safe and actually work, stick around. Safe, aesthetically pleasing, and eliminating odor is our wheelhouse! Reasons for Odor Eliminating Candles There are all kinds of funky smells in homes. Walk into a beach house after it has been closed in the off-season. Yikes! How about a home with teenage, sports…

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