Odor Eliminating Candles: How They Work + Why They’re Essential

Odor Eliminating Candles: How They Work + Why They’re Essential

Odor Eliminating Candles

If you are looking for odor eliminating candles that are safe and actually work, stick around. Safe, aesthetically pleasing, and eliminating odor is our wheelhouse!

Reasons for Odor Eliminating Candles

There are all kinds of funky smells in homes. Walk into a beach house after it has been closed in the off-season. Yikes! How about a home with teenage, sports players whose body odor doesn’t seem to bother them at all, especially when their stinky clothes have been sitting in a corner of their bedroom for a week? 

Maybe you are a pet parent and think that the frito-paws smell is just something natural for your home.

odor eliminating candles

Not necessarily. That is where odor removing candles come into play. With their odor neutralizing capabilities, they play harder than your son does in a soccer match.

How Do Odor Eliminating Candles Work?

Let’s chat about some cool science behind tackling unpleasant odors.

You know those funky smells we just talked about? Yeah, you do.

Well, certain enzymes produced by bacteria have this awesome superpower – they can chomp down on those foul compounds like it’s nobody’s business. That’s right, most pet odor eliminators out there are like a bacterial party mix working their magic.

odor eliminating candles

Molecules floating around in the air can also play nicely with other volatile substances. When they team up in just the right way, the resulting duo isn’t as jumpy and airborne as your daughter’s gymnastics team. It’s like they’ve found a buddy to hang out with, making the whole smelly situation way less… well, smelly.

So, there you have it – a bit of the science behind kicking odors to the curb. Enzymes, bacteria, molecules, and a dash of chemistry – our not-so-secret recipe for a fresher, more delightful space. 

Situations That Could Use Odor Eliminating Candles

Having a home that’s free from odors isn’t just about banishing unpleasant smells – it’s about creating a space that feels like a sanctuary. Here’s are some reasons why it is worth considering odor eliminating candles, that are safe to breathe, like ours, made of soy wax.

odor eliminating candles

1. Comfortable Living Environment

A home that smells good is simply more enjoyable to be in. It enhances the overall comfort and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. It’s like giving your space a big, cozy hug.

2. Health and Well-being

Odors, especially those from chemicals or pollutants, can impact your health. Maintaining a fresh-smelling home contributes to better indoor air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies. It’s a breath of fresh air, literally!

3. Positive Impressions

Whether it’s guests dropping by or just coming home after a long day, a pleasant-smelling space leaves a positive impression. It sets the tone for a welcoming atmosphere and makes everyone feel good.

odor eliminating candles

Imagine having just chopped an onion for an amazing dish you’re preparing. A lit candle not only helps with the smell, but it reduces the tears that fall while you are chopping it.

4. Stress Relief

A home that smells good can be a stress buster. Fragrances like lavender or chamomile have calming effects, creating a soothing environment that helps you unwind after a hectic day.

Our Lavender Fields candle, and our Cucumber Melon Candle, both, evoke a sense of calm when they are burned.

5. Productivity Boost

Believe it or not, a fresh-smelling home can contribute to increased focus and productivity. It clears the mental clutter and allows you to concentrate better on the tasks at hand.

odor eliminating candles

6. Pet-Friendly Atmosphere

For pet lovers, maintaining a home free from pet odors is crucial. It ensures a harmonious living space where your furry friends can be a part of the family without leaving behind any unwanted scents. You also want to make sure that the candles you are burning are safe for your pets.

Fun fact- Southern Oak Artisan candles are safe for pets. In fact, they are the top-rated candles BY pets. Well, that isn’t official, but we are pretty sure we would be the top of the polls if pets were asked.

7. Positive Vibes

A good-smelling home contributes to positive vibes. It’s like a mood enhancer – uplifting your spirits and creating an environment where you feel happy, content, and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Furr-eshen Up Your Space with Southern Oak Artisan’s Odor-Eliminating Candle

As we wrap up our nose journey explaining why it is essential to have odor-eliminating candles in your home, we want to encourage you to shop our collection of non-toxic, safe candles.


Not only are our candles made with you, your family, and your furry family in mind, but they are a great way to admonish any feelings that your air is not smelling clean.

Try our Furr-esh Odor Eliminating Candle. Say goodbye to unwanted scents and hello to an effortlessly fresh space. This soy candle isn’t just about eliminating odors; it’s a no-nonsense solution for a home that smells as good as it looks.

So, consider the Furr-esh Candle your secret weapon in the battle against lingering smells. Breathe easy, enjoy your space, and let Furr-esh do the heavy lifting in style.

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Until next time, keep it Furr-esh, friends!

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