Sniffing Into Spring: Our Top 8 Spring Candles

Oh, the world’s sweetness awakening from a cold and dormant winter! Spring is only a few short months away; now is the time to consider freshening your home.  Let’s Go Through Our Top Spring Candles What could be better than spring-scented candles? Join us on a fragrant journey of our top eight scents in our spring candle collection.  1. Lemon…

Top 10 Small Steps for Crafting Your Eco Friendly Home

If you are looking for what is most commonly found in an eco friendly home, you have come to the right place. We will be covering sustainable living with a touch of Southern Oak Artisan flair. We are sharing the ultimate guide to an eco-friendly home – and trust us, it’s not your average list. From soy candles to embracing vintage…

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