Mystic Santo | Hand Poured | 100% Natural Soy Candle


This hand-poured candle, Mystic Santo, is curated with only the highest quality ingredients: 100% natural soy, and clean fragrance oils. Our southern scents are light and aromatic, rather than overwhelming. You’ll enjoy the delicate scent throughout your home as they create the ambiance of tranquility that you so desire. Better yet? Our candles are non-toxic and will not tarnish the air you breathe like other candles.

Mystic Santo is part of the Elemental Whispers collection.

Mystic Santo + the Elemental Whispers Collection

Imagine a world where scents become stories, where each candle holds the power to transport you to new realms. Welcome to Elemental Whispers, a collection of soy candles crafted to ignite your senses and awaken your wanderlust soul. From the soothing embrace of Earth to the invigorating dance of Wind, from the passionate flicker of Fire to the tranquil depths of Water, each candle is a portal to an adventure of its own. Let the enchanting notes of Siren Song lure you into the unknown, while Forest Bathing rejuvenates your spirit amidst the trees. Emanation captures the very essence of magic, while Alchemy weaves dreams into reality. Feel the waves of Euphoria wash over you, guided by the Mystic Santo’s ethereal aura. And finally, let the Dark Forest lead you to mysteries untold.

Elemental Whispers isn’t just a candle line – it’s a journey through scents that stirs your heart and beckons you to explore, just like the adventures that inspire you every day.

When your candle burns down completely, we encourage you to re-purpose the adorable jar that it was poured in. We enjoy creating seedlings, growing herbs, or even gratitude jars for the little ones in your family.

At Southern Oak Artisan, we curate something a little bit extra. It’s the southern way.

6 oz. | Burn time approx. 40 hours, times may vary.

Ingredients: 100% natural soy wax, fragrance oils, cotton wick

Fragrance Notes:

Top: palo santo wood

Middle: amber

Base: musk

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