It’s Not Julia Sugarbaker’s Home Decor, But I am a Designing Woman

Designing Women, remember that sitcom? I loved it. I laughed with everyone, but was more interested in Julia Sugarbaker’s home decor. Her choices were traditional, but perfectly in line with the genteel southern woman. I looked around my childhood home and didn’t see that. My mother was not interested in decorations. “I’m not artsy,” she said. I still don’t understand…

Custom Design: Do You Do Custom? Maybe.

I’m asked all the time, “Do you do custom?” The answer is, “Maybe.”  Let me explain. Custom is subjective in that the client has a vision and relates that vision to the designer. The designer has a vision based on the needs of the client. Sometimes those visions don’t coincide, but collide. For example, I had a client who asked…

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