The Manufacturing of Candles – It’s Not For the Faint of Heart

The Manufacturing of Candles – It’s Not For the Faint of Heart

manufacturing of candles

Manufacturing of candles is an extended process, and not a get-rich business, at least not at first. Soy candles aren’t just about wax and wicks; they’re about creating an atmosphere that feels like home. 

When I decided to make candles, I looked at it as a hobby. It soon occurred to me that candle making required science and math. I am sure many of us think that homemade candles must be easy, maybe throw some old wax into a double boiler, and there you have it. Not exactly.

Getting into Manufacturing of Candles

The start-up business was not just throwing some pre-packaged scents in wax from Hobby Lobby. It requires upfront costs of equipment and recurring products, such as quality wax and fragrances. However, I (Beverly, here) found I love the process.

I quickly became aware that our candles were more than a product; they were a reflection of our commitment to a toxic-free lifestyle, and a feeling of coziness in your home, without compromising the health of your furry friends or loved ones.

We looked for clean scents without using essential oils. Essential oils can create issues with people who have allergic skin issues and could be poisonous if absorbed through the skin or swallowed. 

manufacturing of candles

The Candle Making Process

Ever wonder what goes into the making of our candles? It’s a meticulous process, from selecting the finest soy wax to blending fragrances that evoke memories and emotions. We found using soy waxes was not harmful to those with allergies, including pets.

Our dogs, Atticus and Walter, are our babies, our children. They play a special role in our candle-making journey. 

Not only do you need to invest in quality products to start your business, but you must practice safety. You will be melting wax, and handling melted wax. Special precaution needs to be taken with the type of container you use with each step of the process.

manufacturing of candles

When you make your own candles, you should consider if you want them to be scented candles, special designs or molds, or how they will be used. You will need to learn how to melt candle wax, know what the melting point is, how to pour wax safely, as well as how to use a candle mold.

Types of Wax

Let’s start by letting you know that soy candles are the safest wax for your home and health. Many people opt to make beeswax candles, we choose not to use the bees’ products. More about that later.

manufacturing of candles

You probably grew up with wax candles not knowing what they were made of. Storebought candles are more often made with paraffin wax. They are rarely free of chemicals. The manufacturing of candles can be a dirty business. Fortunately, you now know about Southern Oak Artisan.

Paraffin waxes, made from petroleum and other harmful products, emit toxins when burning. Not ours. We follow the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and American Society for Testing and Materials standards for the safety, research, and production of our candles. We do not just throw together wax and fragrance. 

Did you know that in the middle ages, candles were used from a substance taken from a sperm whale? We never test, harm, or take anything from an animal for our candles. It is why we do not use beeswax for our candles. 

Always ask a chandler you encounter, what is your process for making candles? They may not want to share with you their trade secrets but asking about chemicals like stearic acid, or if they are truly hand made candles. You want to know what you are bringing into your home, and what you are breathing. 

manufacturing of candles

What Sets Southern Oak Artisan Apart from Other Candle Businesses?

Following our dream, one candle at a time extends beyond the workshop. We envision our candles lighting up homes far and wide. Every candle you purchase becomes a part of that dream, bringing warmth not only to your home. 

Upcoming Products from Southern Oak Artisan

Exciting details about an upcoming product. Southern Oak Artisan is crafting a unique odor-eliminating candle to help with any odor, especially pets. Several waxes have been tested. We require our products to be plant-based, which helps pets with allergies, both respiratory and skin.

Southern Oak Artisan will not use paraffin or para-mixes. We use only natural products, including clean fragrances (plant-based), which have been found to be safe for those with respiratory issues. This is the same for any wax melt you purchase from us. 

So, join us on this luminous adventure, and stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes anecdotes, fragrance highlights, and a glimpse into the *pawsitively* charming lives of Atticus and Walter. We will bring you behind-the-scenes looks into each and every step along the way to manufacturing great candles.

manufacturing of candles

In the meantime, stay candle-lit! 

Disclaimer- This blog post only represents our opinions. The content here should not be taken as medical advice. The content is for informational purposes only, and because each person is unique, please consult your healthcare professional for any medical questions or advice before working with any new product or getting into candle making. Please see terms and conditions for more information.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Is working with wax dangerous?

Leave it to the professionals. Professional candle makers (chandlers) are professionals. We’ve mastered the art of blending wax, melting points, and all that ensures your candle is safe, burns evenly and lasts longer.

Do soy candles expire?

There is no strict expiration date, but they do have a shelf life. The ideal burn time for soy candles is within one to two years from purchase. After that, the fragrance might weaken, and the wax might discolor.

How should I store my candles?

Store your soy beauties in a cool, dark place. Sunlight and heat can speed up the aging process. Seal them well, and they’ll hold onto their scent and color longer. Southern Oak Artisan candles come with a screw-tight lid.

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