What is Aesthetically Pleasing?

What is Aesthetically Pleasing?

Aesthetically pleasing

When one refers to aesthetics, exactly what does one mean?

Simply put, it’s a feeling. Imagine you and your friend observing a work of art. She may find it gaudy and atrocious, but you find it very interesting. You may not know how to put your feelings or thoughts to words, but you know you like it. That’s aesthetics, and it’s subjective. It’s what you see and how you respond to it, not others. 

When designing for a client, I ask, “What is it you like, and/or dislike?” Often the answer is, “I don’t know.”  My go-to question becomes, “What is one thing you like? It can be what you already have or what you have seen somewhere else that speaks to you.” I can build room decor around one piece. However, after submitting a rendering, the client may nix the whole thing and we start from scratch. It’s like that. Subjective. 

Recently, I participated in several trade shows and found shoppers were looking for traditional red and green. Perhaps it was a return to a pre-pandemic era. Farmhouse and red trucks were more important to them than elegant golds, rose golds, silvers, and peacocks. This year they were more desirable of snowmen and Santa. Maybe it was memories of a simpler time where things were more meaningful than what had become a fast-paced gathering of “things.” 

Shoppers seemed to regard their emotions surrounding a specific piece in their home as a child. It was about nostalgia, and I was pleased. I found so much joy in creating the traditionals this past year. I kind of feel like I knew what I was doing. 

So, the next time you say that something is “aesthetically pleasing”, just know that it may be pleasing to you, but not to someone else. I have to remind myself of the same when I am designing for a customer. That is why communication is so important. It’s all in the hospitality and service from Southern Family Decor…what we curate. It’s the southern way. 

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