Making Wreaths: It’s For You and Me

Making Wreaths: It’s For You and Me

Making Wreaths: For you and me

For me (Bev) making wreaths is foremost about creating something from a spark. Something that pops and says, “Make me!” From picking out the ribbon, the embellishments, the mesh, matching patterns and colors, or drawing inspiration from a flower, I receive such happiness and satisfaction knowing someone will receive such enjoyment from my work. These are not just wreaths, but pieces that make a house a home. We know the emotional attachment we feel in the design of one’s home. As a homeowner we add what works with the rest of our decor. That cohesiveness gives us a feeling of warmth, love and positive energy. That’s what home is all about. 

As you drive to your house, you want to get a feeling of “home,” your happy place. The house color, landscaping and porch decor says a lot about your family and the warmth within. If it is not pleasing to your eye you will not feel positive emotions and that’s not what we’re about. 

We want you to feel excitement when you open the box and see your wreath in person for the first time. We want it to feel like when you open a gift during the holidays. We are excited when we pack your wreath knowing the joy you will experience when you receive it. 

I love what I do and I pass that love and enjoyment with each creation. I know there is someone who will love it just as much as I. And that is what we’re about.

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