It’s Not Julia Sugarbaker’s Home Decor, But I am a Designing Woman

It’s Not Julia Sugarbaker’s Home Decor, But I am a Designing Woman

Julia Sugarbaker

Designing Women, remember that sitcom? I loved it. I laughed with everyone, but was more interested in Julia Sugarbaker’s home decor. Her choices were traditional, but perfectly in line with the genteel southern woman. I looked around my childhood home and didn’t see that. My mother was not interested in decorations. “I’m not artsy,” she said. I still don’t understand that. You don’t have to be artsy to decorate your home, just know what you like.

My mother was more concerned about the house being cleaned and straightened. Every night before bed, the house was well kept, dishes and laundry done. But Better Homes and Gardens, we were not. Lord have mercy, you would not find an issue of Southern Living in our house. I wince as I say this. 

When visiting the homes of my friends, I saw the way their mothers cared for their homes with regards to placement of furniture and decorative pieces. We went shopping on Saturdays while their mothers looked for something to add to their homes that pleased them. That was never my mother. 

So, I find it very surprising I was “artsy” and fell in love with all things, home and beautiful. I can find one thing that I love and build an entire look with it. I’m not being disrespectful to my mother. I’m just stating facts. My father was much more detailed with home furnishings. He was the one who chose the paint colors, the furniture, wall hangings and drapes. Drapes! I remember he spent a fortune on the dining room drapes, for which my mother nearly lost her mind. But they were beautiful. Everything in that room was built around those drapes. Hmmm. I think I know how I became “artsy.” 

What my mother did care about was people knowing she went by her “double-name”, oh, and of course, tchotchkes. Lots of tchotchkes. I think they replicated overnight. I loved my mother, but our tastes were polar opposite, until now. I understand what she collected were things and that some of them were special. That’s what unites us. Some things are special. My mother was no “designing woman,” no, Julia Sugarbaker, but she knew what she liked. It’s not my aesthetic appeal, but they were important. Love you Ma!

So, when you call on the services of Southern Family Decor, you will not be getting Julia Sugarbaker, but you will be getting a designing woman.

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