April Cookie Challenge: Carrot Cake Cookies

April Cookie Challenge: Carrot Cake Cookies

Well, this cookie was interesting. I couldn’t imagine what a carrot cake cookie would taste like, but I was pleasantly surprised. I salivate at the thought of these cookies.

I know many people who think a carrot cake tastes like a carrot, but I described it as a spice cookie. My husband is adamantly opposed to anything remotely like a sweet carrot, but even he loved this cookie. It will remain a staple in my recipe collection. 

carrot cake cookies

Let’s Get Going

I began, as always, gathering my ingredients. I separated dry from wet to make it easier. Oven on, stone at the ready (my cookie sheet), and I was off to the races. The longest part of this process was grating the carrots. I used a hand grater and it took a bit of time and hand endurance to grate three carrots. Once I mixed everything together, I tried to make little balls and place them on the stone sheet.


carrot cake cookie

The Results

Although the cookies came out nicely, it was a sloppy mess on my hands. I spooned the next batch onto the cookie stone and it was perfect. 

For staging, I placed my cookies on an oval wooden board sitting beside a bunny ballerina, a bird’s nest, and a bunch of carrots housed in a moss-covered teacup. Most of this decor was purchased at Homegoods. Wrap the teacup and its contents in cellophane and boil the cookies for a holiday gift that surely will not disappoint. 

Though I made these cookies for Easter, I’ll use this as a go-to cookie for years to come. If you have not tried this recipe so far, try it. You will not be disappointed.

carrot cake cookies

Let me know how you did with this month’s challenge. Be sure to tag @southernfamilydecor on social media if you post. I’d love to see your pics! If you would like to join us on this challenge, you can do so, here. When you sign-up, you will receive a guide with all of the Cookie Challenges at a glance, and tablescape ideas with each month’s theme. 

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